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Design armchairs

Design armchairs, contemporary and highly coloured armchairs, sixties tendencies, pop art.
Trendy furniture creating a unique atmosphere in your home. Highly coloured armchair, Modern easy-chair.
Tendency and unusual decoration.

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490.00 EUR 315.00 EUR 

Lulea patchwork chair

Trendy Bohémian style
310.00 EUR 185.00 EUR 

Mc fly pop chair

Small arm chair
390.00 EUR 285.00 EUR 

Twin arm chair

Red or purple
249.00 EUR 

Vintage armchair

original, made of hessian
285.00 EUR 

Design red armchair Ball

Classical and contemporary armchair

285.00 EUR 

Design black armchair Ball

Classical and contemporary armchair

285.00 EUR 

Velvet Ball armchair

Design arm-chair Ball
Available in white, yellow, lime and orange

310.00 EUR 

Design armchair Smile

Tendency and very comfortable swivel armchair
Available in: white, purple, black, orange and green


330.00 EUR 

Design armchair Smile printed

Trendy and confortable arm chair
310.00 EUR 

Design armchair Suede

Purple or red velvet design chair

550.00 EUR 200.00 EUR 

LEM PU armchair

Very tendency black armchair

495.00 EUR 345.00 EUR 

Cubik patchwork armchair

Colored art-deco arm chair
310.00 EUR 

Fabric armchair Cocoon

Classic design from the sixties

310.00 EUR 

Design armchair Cocoon velvet

Trendy armchair.
Design of all time.
310.00 EUR 

Velvet chair cocoon B

Armchair with round base
Different colors
310.00 EUR 

Design armchair Cocoon

Available in several colors,

340.00 EUR 220.00 EUR 

Design arm-chair Space

Contemporary armchair

327.00 EUR 299.00 EUR 

Pedrali arm-chair Pasha

In and Out arm chair

490.00 EUR 315.00 EUR 

Hippie arm chair

Fauteuil Patchwork
250.00 EUR 

Lounge armchair

Lounge armchair
Available in 4 colors

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