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Bloomingville, Danish furniture

More and more in vogue in recent years, Scandinavian decoration has made it possible to highlight many brands such as Bloomingville. Perfect mix between simplicity and bohemian chic, this Danish brand takes you on a fascinating journey to the land of Nordic design.

Bloomingville History

The brand was founded in 2000, when it was founded by Betina Stampe: a second-hand dealer with a passion for interior design and original furniture. From the very beginning, the founder has been able to bring modernity and chic to her pieces, thus making her brand known worldwide.Since 2016, Blooming ville has been launched in the United States and to say the least is that this Danish brand has completely revolutionized the home decor market.While Betina leads a team of designers making quality products, her husband called Simon takes care of mentoring small manufacturers based in Asia and Africa.What has always made this brand special is that it manages to create warm atmospheres with imperfect products unlike other Scandinavian decoration brands.This is what makes all the charm of its Nordic design items. A mix of natural materials combined with soft finishes, that's how they are defined.

What does the brand offer as items?

Although Blooming Ville has already existed for 20 years, that does not prevent it from still being at the forefront of trends. Always there to offer novelty, its quality products can go as well in classic interiors as contemporary.Thus, we find in this brand creations inspired by various cultures, always keeping with a little traditional Danish touch. All in natural materials providing the desired elegance and freshness.

To suit all styles, Blooming ville offers several kinds of seats including ottomans and armchairs resting on wooden bases for sober and refined interiors. In a more cozy and cocooning style, their benches and sofas are enough to create an atmosphere of well-being.

If its metal side tables offer a sophisticated and refined appearance, they can nonetheless exude more delicacy by being available in soft and pastel colors.

In addition, to give texture to original and bright furniture, the brand also offers many decorative accessories. We find in particular a wide choice of rugs, cushions and floor lamps which are available in several geometric shapes, materials and colors.Finally, you can also count on the vases, wall decoration and tableware from Blooming ville to spice up your interior.

Bloomingville collections

Each year, the brand sets itself the goal of launching 4 large collections, 2 small collections and seasonal collections. For example, if you want to enhance your interior with a minimalist and trendy decoration, the Spring Summer collection should make you happy.In a more authentic and elegant style, you will find in the Creative collection an astonishing mixture of robust textures and fresh colors to enrich your rooms. The Harmony collection, for its part, will soften your interior with more subtle pieces and more discreet colors.Among the most anticipated collections each year, the Christmas collection is always balm in the heart thanks to its articles combining fantasy and festivities.

Finally, to celebrate its 20 years of contemporary and warm designs, Blooming ville is launching its Anniversary collection with, as usual, comforting pieces in a distinguished Scandinavian style.

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Showing 1 - 19 of 19 items