Selection Dutchbone

Dutchbone is a dynamic Dutch brand geared towards the creation of world-inspired furniture and decoration. Products with a soul, a signature inspired by the colors of the earth.
The Dutchbone collection is a mix of craftsmanship and industry.
An always affordable collection always in motion.
Whether you live in a studio in Paris, a loft in New York, a houseboat in Amsterdam,
a villa on the French Riviera or somewhere in the country, you will always find something to your taste at Dutchbone.
And .... throughout the year new interior treasures will be added to the collection.

Assise Dutchbone Mathi Design_1.jpg  Tables Dutchbone Mathi Design_1.jpg  

Luminaires Dutchbone Mathi Design_1.jpg  Rangement Dutchbone Mathi Design.jpg