• MATHI DESIGN is a French family business that presents current trends in the world of home decoration with a selection of furniture and original deco objects on affordable prices.

•MATHI  DESIGN offers online sales of design furniture, trendy chairs and design chairs, bar stools, tables, concrete furniture or raw steel, contemporary armchairs, dining tables, modern decoration ... Quality furniture  at the best price, original and unusual design. Cheerful colors and patterns for your home to promote personal fantasy.

• MATHI DESIGN is not just only in the sale of furniture and home decor. With its own design office, MATHI DESIGN also offers products exclusively designed and custom-made in France.

• At MATHI DESIGN you are a preferred customer and get advice at any time with a daily telephone reception, tracking personal control and guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

• Our products are stored in France on two logistics platforms in Bayonne and Montpellier to ensure daily and quick delivery of our customers. Our office is in Biarritz.

• Since its inception in 2008 MATHI DESIGN became the provider and partner of many individuals and professionals.


They already trust us:

Fourniture du mobilier de la saison 2021

"L' Académie Top Chef"

Fourniture de mobilier pour le tournage du film Taken III de Luc Besson

(Scène de l'appartement de luxe)

Fourniture de mobilier pour plusieurs émissions D&CO diffusées sur M6

Aménagement de stands pour des évènements organisés par Canal+

Lancement d’un nouveau modèle de voiture DS 

Aménagement de plateaux TV pour TF1

Fourniture de luminaires pour l'évènement les "Casetas de Biarritz" 

Aménagement d’espaces dans plusieurs magasins 

Aménagement d’espaces VIP pour le tournois de tennis

Fourniture de décoration pour l'espace détente de la course

Fourniture du mobilier et décoration pour la pièce de théâtre avec Stephane Plaza